europerl® horticultural:

europerl® oil-binder:

          Composites and Texture Coatings

            operlite aggregate for paint texturing

            operlite in simulated stone, masonry and wood products

            operlite silicate composites for high temperature insulation and

               formed shapes



            oevacuated perlite

            ohigh temperature applications for perlite in the steel foundry industries


            olightweight filler for glass reinforced polyester

            operlite volcanic glass as a glass flake filler

            operlite volcanic glass as a hollow microsphere filler


          General Information

            ocomparative groth studies: perlite vs. polystyrene media

            ocontainer growing with 100% perlite

            operlite gradation and peat perlite mixtures

            oa guide for the bulk handling of expanded perlite

            obasic facts about perlite



            operlite institute health

            othe concern over fluorides

            operlite and asbestos

            ohealth effects of perlite

            oHER May 2002

            oHER October 2001


          Insulation Concrete

            oinsulating underground pipe and ducting with perlite insulating concrete

            onail holding power of perlite concrete

            operlite aggregate for lightweight tile mortars

            operlite for use in well cement

            operlite insulating concrete roof-decks I

            operlite insulating concrete roof-decks II

            operlite insulating concrete

            operlite insulation concrete applications

            operlite concrete

            otransit mix perlite concrete


          Loose Fill Insulations

            operlite chimney lining systems solve condensate problem

            operlite for underfloor insulation

            o"perlite is better"

            operlite loose fill insulation for miscellaneous constructional purposes

            operlite loose fill insulation

            othermal performance of masonary walls insulated with perlite



            ogolf green construction using perlite as an amendment

            ohorticultural perlite solves compaction problem at new stadium

            orenovation of golf greens with horticultural perlite

            oevaluating innovative stormwater treatment

            operlite as an absorbant or carrier

            operlite concrete roof-deck insulation

            operlite data 2003

            operlite data by Wallace P. Bolen 2002

            operlite data by Wallace P. Bolen 2003

            operlite fertilizer by the bulk blend method

            operlite filter aids


          Plant Guides (horticultural)

            ocultivation of spruce seedlings with perlite

            oeffective watering with horticultural perlite

            ogrowing orchids in perlite

            ohorticultural perlite - the natural media for outdoor gardening

            ohydroponic culture of strawberries in perlite

            oindoor gardening with perlite

            orole of perlite in hydroponic culture

            ocity plan would pay a bonus for green roofs

            ocomparative growth studies: perlite vs. polystyrene media

            ocontainer growing by 100% with perlite

            ocultivation of spruce seedlings in perlite

            ohit a wall - try planting it

            ohorticultural perlite solves problems at new stadium

            olargest green roof in Bronx Island by Tecta America Group

            oLos Angeles is looking at green roofs

            operlite gradation and peat-perlite mixtures

            orenovating golf greens with horticultual perlite

            orice hulls vs. perlite and vermiculite

            oroof gardes that are gentle to the roof

            orooftop oases find growing enthusiasm

            othe roll of perlite in hydroponic culture



            olightweight fiber reinforces cement plaster

            operlite for textured coating

            operlite: the superior lightweight aggregate for cement plaster and 

               gypsum plaster

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